“He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30).

“Lord, it’s not just what kind of mission do you have for ME, but what kind of ME do you need for your mission on earth?” (Babatomiwa M. Owojaiye’s ministry philosophy)

Dear yoke-fellow: Is your ministry a “Babel” project or a “Beracah” project? The concern of a genuine Christian ministry is not essentially about wearing good suits, ties, and colognes. It’s not about titles and material possessions. It’s not about glamour and the fame of the man of God. It’s should not be about power and authority alone. Genuine ministry is not about ordering people around and living large here on earth.

Sadly, this is the representative image of the Christian ministry that we project to the world today. True ministry is first and foremost determined by our relationship with God and our disposition to HIS mission on earth. In doing this, we should consider God first, others next, before ourselves.

A believer in Christ should always ask himself or herself: What is God doing in the world or in my context right now, and how can I be involved in the same? You do not necessarily have to be a prophet, evangelist, apostle, evangelist or pastor-teacher to do this. You do not necessarily have to be “international” to be involved. What correct “child” will see his or her parents laboring over a thing and not join hands in helping out? That involvement is what I call ministry.

What is ministry? It’s being involved in what the Lord is doing, and to undo what Satan has done or he’s doing in people’s lives and in our society today. Ministry is about profiting God, wrecking Satan’s activities by establishing the people around us in the Kingdom of God.  It’s more about others and less of us to the ultimate satisfaction and glory of the MASTER. Sadly, the opposite is how many people do ministry today – “self” first.

There are two important questions we should ask ourselves: How and what am I contributing to the mission of God on earth? What is my Kingdom impact since I have been born-again? Although it is difficult to quantify or measure these. One of the most important ways to measure this is to review and establish the most important concern of our ministry. A ministry is genuine only when its primary concern or focus is to delight the MASTER by pointing people to Jesus through all that we do here on earth and by establishing them in the Kingdom of God.

This calls for love, service, sacrifice, devotion, responsibility, humility, simplicity, accountability, faithfulness, obedience, hard work, holiness, wisdom, temperance, training, and the fear of GOD. This is the ministry model that our Lord Jesus Christ patterned for us while He was here on earth. A ministry that points people to and brings glory to God rather than to Himself. This is the ministry model that we all should strive to follow. My friend, any other ministry model other than Jesus’ is a counterfeit.



  1. I’m blessed. May the Lord help us to finish well. More of God’s wisdom in your live in Jesus name.


  2. This is a true definition of a genuine christian ministry. May the Lord touch the heart of the adulterated one to repentance. Amen


  3. Great thought
    Ministry should simply be God’s ministry not mine. if it’s his, then it shouldn’t be done my way but his way


  4. Almighty God, l pray You will grant this understanding to all Your servants/ministers in the length and breath of the Body of Christ. In JESUS name.


  5. True talk, Apostle Paul said to live is for Christ and to die is gain for him. This should applicable to all children I mean gunuin children of God bless you my Pastor


  6. Friend, your definition of “Ministry” is explicit and well elucidated. More knowledge and more divine enablement.


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