Ten Reasons why I Love Classical Hymns

Besides the Word of God and prayer, nothing connects my heart more to God like classical hymns. I just can’t have enough of them. Classical hymns have been a great part of Christian church for so many years. Our forebears in faith found the hymns as great tools for spiritual growth. We owe a lot them for passing this great spiritual resource along to us. Hymns have benefited my spiritual life significantly. They remind me of the sovereignty God, the depth of His love and height of His grace. Hymns educates me on importance of prayer, faith, love in my Christian walk as well as the hope that I have in Christ Jesus. Hymns assure me of God’s presence while going through the ups and downs of my day to day life. Hymns are a great source of revival and inspiration to me. Unfortunately, this great practise of the early Church that has helped in deepening the faith of many is now being ignored by some churches and Christians today. Perhaps the shallow impact of the Christian faith on our society nowadays could partly be as a result of replacing these life transforming songs with entertaining songs in some our churches today. While I am not condemning the use of contemporary music; we must admit that no any other form of music has been spiritually thick enough to replace or displace classical hymns in the Church of Jesus Christ over the years. We must not allow this tradition to die! Below are some the reasons I love classical hymns so much:
1. Because almost all their composers are no more alive with us, I tend to focus my worship on God rather than man while singing the hymns. Sometimes, one could easily be distracted the performances of Worship leaders.
2. Hymns are easy to learn, sing and yet, theologically and evangelically deep. Classical hymns stand out when it comes theological depth.
3. Because they have been musically scored, and their lyrics translated into nearly all the world language, most hymns today are being sang universally.
4.  Hymns inform me that great men and women of faith have threaded this path of faith before us and they have done amazingly and inspiringly well.
5. Hymns come from people’s understanding of God and their experiences in walking with Him. So, the primary purpose of hymns is therefore not to entertainment but to worship.
6. Hymns trigger revival in me especially when I reflect on their backgrounds and the different ways God had revealed himself to humans in history.
7. Hymns connect the old with the young. Psalms are hymns passed from one generation to another. One of the major ways Christians have let the word of God dwell in themselves richly throughout history has been through the singing of hymns. All hymns are rooted in the Word of God.
8. The power of prayer and hymns can shake the foundation of any challenges and break the any prison doors open. When you sing hyms, you are set for deliverance! Act 16: 25-26.
9. Hymns could serve as ground-breaker with great transformative power to convert unbelievers or deepen the roots of believers in their faith in Christ. Acts 16: 31-34. Hymns are not magic. Our lives must first and foremost align with God before any hymn could make a lasting impact on us.
10. I love Hymns because they will out live me. Prayers will end, preaching will end and tithing will end here on earth but the singing of hymns will never end. All we’ll be busy doing in Heaven is the singing of songs of Worship, adoration and praise to our God.

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