Just as the virtues of giving and selflessness are powered by compassion, so does heartlessness power stinginess and greed. Miserly people are extremely heartless. They just can’t be moved by compassion. Cry all you want beside them. Get sick all you want beside them. Sweat, struggle, lament, and suffer all you want around them, they are just never perturbed. They see every one around them as a pest!The word, compassion is not in their dictionary.

Beg them for assistance from now till tomorrow. They’ll just be there, unmoved. Their hearts rejoice at the discomfort of others. Yet they are very good at taking the generous of others for granted. Some high-ranking officers in this penurious “business” do so even to the detriment of their very own lives. So, what surprises should the rest us expect from them! Ironically, some of these “special” humans profess Christianity as a way of life and yet the outcome of their daily living shows that they do NOT take after the generosity of Christ, “their Lord.”

The whole life and ministry of our Jesus speak of love and sacrificial giving. Jesus gave, gave, and gave. He gave to the extent of giving His very own life for the salvation of humankind. Our Lord Jesus Christ was always moved by love and compassionate to help the weak and indigent around him (Acts 10:38). But not so the miserly. They always think first and only of themselves! They assume that they’re smart and wise but the Bible does not see them that way. The Bible sees them as greedy, harsh, wicked, short-sighted, foolish and ungodly (Luke 12:13-21). The life and “ministry” of Mr. Nabal in 1Samuel 25 best illustrate this for us.

Kindly note that I am NOT advocating for showmanship, careless giving, laziness, over-dependency, exploitation, professional begging here. I am only reiterating the biblical position on the subject. Help someone who deserves it today, if you are able! I believe that every giving done in response to the leading of the Holy Spirit births no regret. The Bible says, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act” (Proverbs 3:27). To offer assistance to those who deserve it is wisdom, and to withhold it is foolishness. So, like a true son or daughter of your Father, help!


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