Mentoring in Christian Marriage

*By Omobola Oludele One piece of advice that rings out loudly from very many Nigerian pulpits during wedding ceremonies is that Christian couples should avoid a third party at all cost in their relationships. They are instructed to settle their differences and deal with whatever life presents without involving any third party. Apart from being wrong, I consider this injurious to homes. At the risk of sounding like … Continue reading Mentoring in Christian Marriage


A life without hope is dead! Hope is the very essence of life! Where there is hope, there is life. Hope and faith are Siamese twins, conjoined and inseparable! Where there is hope there is faith, and where there is faith there is hope. Hopelessness is not new to humanity. Disappointments and faithlessness beget hopelessness. Disappointment and hopelessness are in great supply in our world. … Continue reading REVIVE THY HOPE IN US, FATHER!


Our lands are parched, Father! There’s large-scale religiosity going on. Numerous religious centres but few Churches; numerous “pastors” but only a few can bring down your glory, lock and unlock the widows of Heaven like your servant, Elijah! Many of us, your servants, are complacent and are too much at ease in Zion! Some are snoring at the laps of Delilah, while some have been … Continue reading LET THERE BE WATER (PART II)


Abba Father, will you allow your grace and investment over my life to go to waste! Will you allow politics, whether it be partisan, church or ministerial? Will you allow spiritual attacks, man-made limitations and macddhinations to stop me from fulfilling the purpose for which you have sent me here! I desire to do more for you, Oh Lord! I desire to conquer more lands, … Continue reading LET THERE BE WATER!