Mentoring in Christian Marriage

*By Omobola Oludele One piece of advice that rings out loudly from very many Nigerian pulpits during wedding ceremonies is that Christian couples should avoid a third party at all cost in their relationships. They are instructed to settle their differences and deal with whatever life presents without involving any third party. Apart from being wrong, I consider this injurious to homes. At the risk of sounding like … Continue reading Mentoring in Christian Marriage

What is Christianese?

By Guest Blogger Joyce Mwangi* Christianese is my pet subject. It is one that I have been talking about to my family and friends for some years know. I was feeling so enthusiastic and such a pioneer for having discovered or rather coined a new term in English. So, after getting vocal about my pet subject on my Face book page for some days I … Continue reading What is Christianese?

Spread the virus! A guest post by Maggie Gitau*

As I scribble down this blog, I’m sitting by a window in the fifth floor of a building, overlooking the newly constructed, eight-lane Thika Super Highway (Nairobi, Kenya). As I watch cars zoom past each other with ease that has not been dreamt before in Kenya I think of the three times now I have lost my way on feeder roads that connect from parts … Continue reading Spread the virus! A guest post by Maggie Gitau*