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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I respect your love for the truth, even though it’s not convenient among so called ministers of the gospel. i admire your charisma and audacity. i don’t believer Christian should plead or cover with the blood of Jesus. It is not biblical, it’s a dogma from the pit of hell, forcing people into religion and subjectivism and trying to infest the church with Judahistic_Gnostic Virus and Shamanism other applying the original laid down pragmatism in the bible. i do totally agree with your theology and i will like to link with your ministry!!!


    1. Dr. J.O. Owoyemi, I am very pleased to read from you after a relatively long time. I hope you are keeping well and my people in your care. Thanks for finding time to stop by this blog. Thanks for your kind comments. A very happy 2012 to you and members of your family.


  2. When I say “I wish many more of our pastors were as visionary, trendy and innovative as you.” I do not say so to flatter nor to encourage you to relent but do so to remind you that no one can claim to have arrived (Phil. 3:12) Eku ise Oluwa sir……Oluwa yio so agbara yin dotun. Eo se gba ere L’oruko Jesu.


    1. Brother Gambo, To God be the glory! Thanks indeed for your visit to this blog as well as for your kind comment. I deeply appreciate you. Thanks for your support over the years. May the Lord continue to grant you grace upon grace. Kind regards to mum and all. You are blessed in Jesus’ name!


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