“Pleading the blood of Jesus”: A Common Error in Prayer – 2


This is a continuation of our last post, and I wish to seize this opportunity to heartily appreciate those of you who  found time to interact with the post, and especially those who went a step further to drop their opinions on our subject of consideration. By the grace of God, we shall show some of these comments in our next post as I personally find them very valuable to this subject. In the meantime, you are welcome again  to this edition of our post!

The Blood of Jesus and the Christian Faith

According to the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cult, Sects and World Religions, “Blood in Christianity is the heart and soul of the faith. It is the blood that issues life (Lev. 17:11). The shedding of blood was the basic activity of the priests and the temple in the Hebrew religion of the Old Testament. In the New Testament, Jesus is the great high priest who shed his blood for the remission of sins (Romans 3: 21-24).”[1] So, the supreme purpose of the blood of Jesus was for the remission of our sins. This is exactly the biblical concept that was described in the Old Testament through the sacrifices of animals picturing what will come to be in the New Testament through the sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ (1Peter 18, 19; Hebs. 9: 24-26; 1 John 1:7). This shows that Jesus paid for our sins through his shed blood and death on the cross and that was according to Hebrews 9: 24-26, once and for all. In essence, there is no single scripture in the Bible that supports the pleading of the blood of Jesus for our protection or any kind of continuous religious rituals for that matter.

Those who advocate pleading the blood of Jesus often use Leviticus 17:11 and Revelation 12:11. To use these scriptures as biblical evidences for pleading the blood of Jesus is completely misleading and unscriptural. For instance, David J. Stewart argues that, “this Scripture [Leviticus 17:11] speaks of the blood of animals, which were sacrificed to temporarily cover the sins of the people in the Old Testament, until the Messiah would come and offer the perfect Sacrifice of Himself to God the Father.   We read in Hebrews 9:12 concerning Jesus, ‘Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood had he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us.’” [2] Stewarts explain further that “Jesus’ blood didn’t (only) atone for our sins; but rather, took them away forever!”[3] Besides, the account of Revelation speaks of the sacrificial work of Christ on the Cross of Calvary as the means of victory over the dragon for every believer. On the other hand, the Exodus 12:7 account speaks as an analogy of the work which Christ shall come to do later. That tells the relationship between the Old and New Covenants. The New is a continuation of the Old. Again, God himself told the descendants of Jacob to apply the blood on their door posts. If God had wanted that to continue, he would have told us specifically. So, where exactly has God told us to plead the blood of Jesus for our protection? The name of JESUS is enough! For the Holy Communion, Jesus said “do this in remembrance of me”, why not the same thing for his blood in prayer?

Conclusion: Is the Blood of Jesus a talisman?

In African Traditional Religion(s) as well as in many cultic and world religions, blood is believed to provide power and life and therefore plays a central part in ritualistic sacrifices.[4] But which blood sacrifice is required of a Christian other that which was done on behalf by Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago? The word of God commands us to pray to God ONLY in the name of JESUS (John 16: 23, 24, 26; Acts 4:2; Colossians 3:17; Philippians 2: 5-10 etc, etc).  Pleading the blood of Jesus for our protection, in my own opinion, is tantamount to using talisman. What is a talisman? The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cult, Sects and World Religions describes a talisman as “a magic object, often engraved with symbols or a picture of a character that is believed to harness special power to protect or prosper the owner or possessor. Talismans are sometimes used to protect oneself against evil spirit or demons. Sometimes they are also used to attain love, health, success, and power.”[5] While the blood of Jesus may not be physical objects that can be carry around as described in this definition, I believe its picture is in the hearts of those who use it. This therefore is completely against the word of God and believers should desist from using it.

It does not matter how enormous the challenge that we face, the name of JESUS is powerful enough to save us. So, I encourage you to pray in the name of JESUS alone!


Photo culled from:http://www.lostseed.com/extras/free-graphics/images/jesus-pictures/nailed-to-cross.php

[1] Larry A. Nichols, George A. Mather and Alvin J. Schmidt, Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cult, Sects and World Religions (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2006), 370.

[2] David J. Stewart, “It’s the Blood of Jesus!”  In http://remnantradio.org/Mirror/www.jesus-is-savior.com/Believer%27s%20Corner/Doctrines/blood.htm, cited on April 26, 2010.

[3] Ibid

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29 thoughts on ““Pleading the blood of Jesus”: A Common Error in Prayer – 2

  1. I appreciate your courage in discussing the the wrong usage of the blood of Jesus that I hear alot from christians especially some respected men and women of God. You quoted two passages that some are backing up their usage of the blood but I think the Bible itself is more inclind to the use of blood for cleansing and not for protection. Time is not on my side to support my position with scriptural passages at the moment. God bless you. Haruna

  2. The name of Jesus is sufficient for the christian. Christians must learn what it means to call on the name of Jesus and the Bible has guaranteed victory when we call in the name of Jesus. Christians are also called upon to live their lives just as Jesus did. Pleading the blood has no biblical backing. Thanks for these reflection and i have no doubt that Christians that get the chance to read it will find it helpful

  3. The blood of Jesus as atonement for our sin the bible made clear, pleading it unending is an act of over religious activity to appear an athourity on our own. You hear “I plead the blood of jesus” that “I” before the congregation send alot of message especially now that christian always want some body to be “doing” prayers for them. But more importantly that we ALL get to heaven at the end.

    1. Thanks so very much my brother for finding time to interact with this post. I am so thankful even for your
      comment. I welcome your regular comments, questions and critiques on this blog. Thanks again and may
      the Lord bless you.

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  5. Thank you so much for the article.

    Saul mulama: Please consider – Are we capable of living a life just as Jesus did?

    To be very honest , I am a Christian , however , I find it very difficult if not impossible to live a sinless life as Jesus did.
    God bless you all,

  6. Please allow me to give you three scriptures to consider. (Just to consider)

    Hebrews 9:22 “And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission.”

    1 Peter 1:18:
    ” Forasmuch as ye know that we were not redeemed with corruptible
    things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers.”

    1 Peter 1:19: ” But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:”

    Can someone help me – I gather from these verses that the blood of a perfect sacrifice (Jesus) was a requirement for our salvation.

  7. I believe you did a good research work. Those who worship God do better when they worship Him in spirit and truth. When you walk by the Spirit you will discover many things that cannot be found in encyclopadia and reseach books. I have seen the Blood of Jesus work when you plead it against forces of darkness. Next time please try to write suggestively not authoritatively, especially when you are very wrong about the idea. We may run the risk of misleading people.

    1. The challenge with experience is that it is not universal. Experience is usually relative. The fact that something is working does not make it right. I am not very sure I have spoken authoritatively; but even if I have done that it because I have evidences from the Bible to support my position. Can any one show me a single Scripture of the Bible that commands us to plead the blood of Jesus? We have always been commanded to use the name of Jesus. Why the blood? So, on what should we base on belief; on experiences or on the WORD of GOD? Why experience is not bad in itself because sometime confirms what we believe; yet it must be tested by the Word of God. Thanks for your love and comment.

  8. Hi, I think your line of thinking is very important for the future of Africa. Can I have your email address please? Thanks.

    1. Many thanks Daniel for your kind words. What surprises me is the way people are using personal experience as a reason for pleading the blood of Jesus. Thanks to God that most of our readers agree with my position. No single person out of those who disagree has being able to show us a single scripture from the Bible to support their position. So, on what should we build our faith and doctrine; on personal experiences or on the Bible? The need is very great and urgent for us now Daniel, “to contend for the faith that was once given to us by our fathers.” Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  9. Hello Moses,

    I would like to ask a question and please correct me if I am wrong, but since the blood of Jesus was atonement for our sins so we would be free of death, did the blood being smeared on the door post represent the same thing at that time so the Jews could be saved from the angel of death? Love your site by the way!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Christie. The blood sprinkled in the Exodus account is only a typology of what will later happen through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. You will agree with me that of all the agents of salvation instituted by God for mankind none is as perfect as that of Jesus Christ. May I conclude however that, only God knows the criteria with which His going to judge the people who lived before the coming our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope this helps.

      1. Thank you for your response Moses. It seems that the greatest issue for the body of Christ is correct interpretation or rightly dividing the Word of God. I could never really understand why people would want to cover everything in the blood of Jesus when the bible clearly has no scriptual reference for it to be used in that manner. To me it seemed like a practice of voodoo or witchcraft when using the blood of Jesus in that way. At the end of the day if our beleifs do not line up with the Word of God than whatever we do based on those beleifs will not stand. Thank you for being bold and taking a stand on this issue!

  10. Hi all,
    The blood of Jesus is my favorite topic, as I am blood-obsessed 🙂
    First off, let me remind you that Christianity has strong Jewish roots; Jesus himself was an observant Jew and went to the Synagogue where he read the Torah, etc. So with that in mind, let me refresh your memories that in OT the blood of the sacrificial lamb was sprinkled by the priest to atone for the sins of the nation. Blood was also applied on the temple. In Exodus, the Israelites were commanded along with applying the blood on the doorposts and lanterns to also EAT the whole sacrificed lamb with the blood , which is basically a shadow of the first Eucharist. Now, Christ is our Paschal Lamb and we are required to drink his blood and (if we go back to the OT) we might as well sprinkle it or apply it if we see fit. In the NT in the Gospel of John, Jesus tells us to eat his flesh and drink his blood, so he can dwell in us and we in him. So drinking and sprinkling the blood of the Lamb (Christ) is biblical. As far as pleading the blood goes, yes there is no actual scriptural verse that says that directly, but if for some reason we can not drink it depending on resources and location, pleading it with faith would be the next best thing. By drinking the blood of Christ we confirm our covenant with Him. So if you don’t agree with the practice of pleading the blood, simply drink it. Hope this clarifies a few things.

  11. Praying in the name of Jesus is not the same as pleading the blood of Jesys. If someone said “in the blood of Jesus Anen” then I would absolutely agree with you. But it has been my understanding and experience that pleading the blood is along the same lines as binding and loosing, rebuking and casting out.

    Throughout my own prayers as an intercessor I have plead the blood of Jesus over anything was under attack or desiring a covering. That in and of itself was not the entire prayer. The power is in the authority given as a believer from the finished work of Jesus Christ. Using the blood as a covering is evoking the highest seal of protection. It is not used in place of Jesus or as a Talisman.

    I can appreciate your opinion and I stand with you on your statement of the name Jesus being power enough but I would have to disagree with you in regards to the lack of power in pleading His blood.

  12. I suggest that as Christians we must be eager to be Spirit led. Grace has given us Liberty to have access to God through Christ. His blood is powerful and the bible says we defeat the enemy by the blood of Jesus. The word “defeat”suggests there has been war…in a war one uses all weapons they have as they see fit. I guess the blood of Jesus is our weapon..why not plead it during warfare!!!!!

  13. We must plead the blood of Jesus it’s a sign of our covenant with God. There is no direct biblical support for it but we must do that with faith because there is power in the blood and the blood was shed for us. What is there to say “FATHER I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF YOUR SON UPON MY LIFE FOR THE REMISSION OF MY SIN”. Remember, our covenant with God covers all areas of life in matters of salvation, financial stability and so on. So pleading that blood is a seal of our convenant. {my personal opinion not a must to be believed by you. Think over it and believe if you think it’s true. You needs God’s direction}

  14. Praise JEHOVAH; Hav Read Your Comments About Pleading The BLOOD Of JESUS CHRIST. Don’t Have A Problem With Your Bible Scriptures–BUT I Do, That You B.M.O. Brother In CHRIST Mention PLEADING The BLOOD Of JESUS CHRIST Is Goosy. When My Youngest Daughter Was Expecting Her Baby Girl I Spoke To Her On The PH: On Saturday Morning About 8 Years Ago Before I Departed For Shops. Turned My PH; Off and Just Before I Stepped Outside Of The House, JESUS Said To Me ” Plead The BLOOD Of JESUS Over Chantelle, & Car ”. I said ” Why Would I Want To Do That “? 3 Times I Was Instructed To Plead The BLOOD Of JESUS Over Her & Car.

    I Had Never Heard Of PLEADING The BLOOD Of JESUS CHRIST Before In ALL My Life As A CHRISTian, NEVER EVER. Anyway, I Pleaded The BLOOD Of JESUS Over Her, Car, Roads, EVERYTHING As I Was Prompted By The HOLY-SPIRIT. IT WAS NOT THE + devil + I Can Assure You ALL. he would not want to save anyone one from harm, death, destruction & so forth.

    About 2pm I was PROMPTED to turned my mobile on & there was a message from Chantelle to say she had had a severe car crash. I Phd; her NO; & the person who had her PH: said She had a car crash. A LARGE 4-Wheel Drive had crashed into her & Her car was a rite off. There were 2 other LARGE 4-wheel cars but they swerved & just missed Her. It was at the BUSIEST Inter-sections & main roads in a Town called Mandurah about 1-hours drive from Perth City.

    The Chantelle & her unborn baby & My grandSon Samuel were un-hurt. Not a scratch/mark on any of them Praise JESUS. And Friday Morning-12-August-2011; about 4-10am I woke up & began to SING ” WE ARE WASHED IN THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD ”, Over and Over and Over. As I was SINGING this SONG I saw in the spiritual realm hundreds of small snakes and the heads were noticeable. As I was SINGING the above SONG ALL the snakes just suddenly went WHOOSH! as thou a very strong vaccumn had sucked ALL the snakes back to where ever?

    Didn’t frightened Me. I was just amused by it ALL. ALL Glory Be To JESUS CHRIST and ABBA Father; As They Both Know What It Was ALL About. When I FInd Out What It ALL Meant I Will Post On This Website. I Do Have ANOTHER POWERFUL TESTAMONY About PLEADING THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD OVER MY YOUNGEST SON—WAS NOT KILLED IN A MOTOR BIKE ACCIDENT. He Should Have—BUT; He’s Alive and Well In JESUS CHRIST. He Was Travelling at 150 KLM. Per HR;


  15. Pretty interesting topic. I found this site using Google, because I was thinking on along the lines of the name of Jesus and blood of Jesus for the believer. I totally get and understand the authority a believer is afforded when it comes to the Name of Jesus. There are some great scriptures where Jesus is teaching how to use His Holy Name found in John. Outside of Jesus instituting the New Covenant (Blood shed and Body broken), pleading is not clearly laid out like the Name of Jesus. But I do think that when we pray in the Name of Jesus we are acknowledge the His complete work of Calvary, which is the a blood.
    I truly believe that the name of Jesus is scripturally the name of all names because it is directly tied to the Blood. Whether its a talisman or not is stretch. I can see bottles holy water, rosary beads and crosses with the body of Jesus on them more as talisman.
    One think I can appreciate about “pleading the blood” folks is that Christians are not forgetting about the power of the blood. I did a study on why the blood of Jesus is so precious and it seems all the benefits of our salvation are rooted in the shed blood of Jesus. Which is why faith in the Name of Jesus and faith in the Blood of Jesus crucial.

    I appreciate the dialogue, all the post are really good and respectful. Awesome.

      1. Just want to tell you that I’m impressed with your depth in the knowledge of the Word of God.. I don’t read Nigerian materials on Christianity because most lack depth and not well researched . Most times sensational. I have had cause to challenge some “Christians ” on this misuse of the blood of Christ. Please your email , phone and other details. God bless your courage.

  16. What about the emphasis on miracles, signs, and wonders? Again, does it not make sense that once this becomes a regular diet, all that people will want is health and wealth at the fingers of ecclesiastical witch doctors? Even the blood of Jesus is no longer about appeasing the wrath of a sin-hating God but instead it is about sprinkling on cars (for safe travel), hospital beds (for healing), and wallets (for more money). This is such an obvious continuum that I am amazed that we are not seeing this. Charismatic teaching is breeding these spiritual mavericks!
    Conrad Mbewe
    From http://www.conradmbewe.com/2014/06/charismatic-teaching-is-breeding.html

  17. Thank you for explaining it so clearly. Many times just saying that it is not scriptural, is not enough for believers. That alone is very sad. Yet, even using scripture to show that this is taken out of context is still not convincing. The traditions of men and denominations are a tragedy. To God be the glory in all we do and say. Bless your work.

  18. I totally agree with Moses’ position. The blood of Jesus is not for protection. Those quoting the old Testament should know that, it was not the blood of Jesus that was used on their door posts, it was the blood of animals. Jesus came and took away our sins once for all by dying on the cross. May God give us more understanding.

  19. i also think it is totally un necesssary to pleed in the blood of Jesus Jesus name is powerfull he said we shall ask and received anything we want in his nam not his blood Amen

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