I’m “We don’t encourage young people to get pregnant before marriage; we encourage them to have sex before marriage though!” -Anon No Pregnancy, But Sex Allowed By Samuel Ayodele Iwarere  Certain acts are considered normal in the society in which we now live in, even amongst professing Christians. To make matters worse, some of these behaviours are spoken lightly about by our youths. For example, … Continue reading NO PREGNANCY, BUT SEX ALLOWED!

Ten Reasons Why I Love Classical Christian-Hymns

Besides the Word of God and prayer, nothing connects my heart more to God than classical hymns. I just can’t have enough of them. Classical hymns have been a great part of  the church liturgical tradition for several centuries. Our forebears in faith found the hymns as great tools for their spiritual growth. We owe a lot to them for passing this great spiritual resource along to us. Hymns have benefited my spiritual life significantly. They remind me of the sovereignty God, the depth of His love and height of His grace. Hymns educates me on the importance of prayer, faith, love in my Christian walk as well as the hope that I have in Christ Jesus. Hymns assure me of God’s presence while going through the ups and downs of my day to day living. Hymns are a great source of revival and inspiration to me. Unfortunately, this great practise of the early Church that had helped in deepening the faith of many is now being ignored by some churches and Christians today. Perhaps the shallow impact of the Christian faith on our society nowadays could partly be as a result of replacing these life transforming songs with entertaining songs in some our churches today. While I am not condemning the use of contemporary music; we must admit that no any other form of music has been spiritually thick enough to replace or displace classical hymns in the Church of Jesus Christ over the years. We must not allow this tradition to die! Below are some the reasons why I love classical hymns so much:

1. Because almost all their composers are no more alive with us, I tend to focus my worship solely on God rather than man while singing the hymns. Sometimes, one could easily be distracted by the performances of the image.jpeg
Worship leaders in our churches today. Continue reading “Ten Reasons Why I Love Classical Christian-Hymns”

What is Christianese?

By Guest Blogger Joyce Mwangi* Christianese is my pet subject. It is one that I have been talking about to my family and friends for some years know. I was feeling so enthusiastic and such a pioneer for having discovered or rather coined a new term in English. So, after getting vocal about my pet subject on my Face book page for some days I … Continue reading What is Christianese?

Leader-shift in the context of World Christianity

Professor Andrew F. Walls is not only a towering figure in the study of the contemporary World Christianity; he is undoubtedly one of the most prolific scholars of the nature, history and the future of African Christianity today. Long before the recent numerical shift in the center of gravity of world Christianity from the  to the global South and East took place, Walls has been … Continue reading Leader-shift in the context of World Christianity

Powerful Preaching: A Guest Post By Abram Kidd*

  A few years ago, I discovered that when some Tanzanians say someone “really preached” (Swahili – alihubiri sana), they refer more to the preacher’s profuse sweating, theatrics, and authoritative roar than the sermon content.  This illustrated to me the important point that cultural understandings affect the delivery of Christian messages as well as the content.  This needs more discussion in the African Church today.  … Continue reading Powerful Preaching: A Guest Post By Abram Kidd*

Spread the virus! A guest post by Maggie Gitau*

As I scribble down this blog, I’m sitting by a window in the fifth floor of a building, overlooking the newly constructed, eight-lane Thika Super Highway (Nairobi, Kenya). As I watch cars zoom past each other with ease that has not been dreamt before in Kenya I think of the three times now I have lost my way on feeder roads that connect from parts … Continue reading Spread the virus! A guest post by Maggie Gitau*


The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary of the English Language defines a Prophet as “One who foretells the future”. In other words, a prophet is a seer of the future. The Old Testament speaks comprehensively about the important place that the prophetic ministry maintains in the life of the Jewish people and religion. The prophetic ministry is not just important to the religious life of … Continue reading WHAT A GENUINE PROPHET OF CHRIST IS NOT!

Githeri 027: The Passing of a Wise Elder

The passing of a wise elder is more than the burning of a huge library. Our condolences to the entire people of Ghana over the demise of Professor John Atta Mills yesterday, 24th July, 2012. The death of President Mills in not only a loss to the people of Ghana but to the entire people of Africa. May the Lord grant our Ghanaian brothers and … Continue reading Githeri 027: The Passing of a Wise Elder

Githeri 026: Beware of “Achan”!

“If one finger brings oil it soils the others” (Chinua Achebe).  “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character””  (1 Corinthians 15: 33; Cf. Matthew 7: 15-16). Remember Achan “who brought disaster on Israel by taking plunder that had been set apart for the Lord” (1 Chronicles 2:7; Cf. Joshua 7).  Beware brethren! A word is enough…!   Continue reading Githeri 026: Beware of “Achan”!