Premature celebration can be very dangerous. An event is said to be premature when done before the usual or proper time; or too early. “Premature” means “before mature”. In a nutshell, “premature celebration” is a celebration that is done prematurely.

We’ve all had at least an encounter or more with individuals, families, groups, and organisations who threw a party or celebrated an event before it is appropriate with a sequel of profound embarrassment, shame, and harsh judgment that followed from the public court.

Celebrations are good, but it can rapidly turn sour when the timing is wrong. Sometimes, it is even better done later than before it becomes 100% factual. The reason is because life uncertainties and situations have the potential of suddenly turning the table in the opposite direction before the set time for the celebration is ripe.

Each time I think about premature celebration, I always reflect on what could have transpired in the network of all those who conspired to kill Jesus. What could have been going on in their minds while the body of Jesus laid dead in the tomb for three days? Those three days must have been days of great relief and jubilant celebrations.

The high priest Caiaphas, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Roman soldiers, the officials of the Chief Priests, the temple guards, the Sanhedrin, Herod Antipas, Pontus Pilate and his wife and even the crowd must have thought that they had eventually succeeded in seeing the end of Jesus, his “troubles” in Israel, and the ideals that he represented. Oh! Those three days must have been days of deep sighs of relief, muscle flexing, great bragging, and joyous celebrations for the “overcomers” of Christ!

On the other hand, let’s take a moment to imagine the sorrow, shame, disappointment, and the sense of defeat, and hopelessness in “Camp JESUS”. How would the disciples of Christ have walked freely, and with their heads high in the streets of Jerusalem? Their superhero, revolutionary, and inspirational leader had been killed. He was not just killed, he was crucified on the cross like a villain alongside other criminals.

He was condemned to the worst kind of death, and it appeared, at least for three days, as if there would be no consequences. Oh, this must have been a season of great sorrow for the disciples of Christ. In three days, Jesus’ body laid lifeless in the tomb; his disciples were covered with great sorrow and shame; but there were great celebrations in the camp of the “enemy.”

Alas, on the third day, that celebration was abruptly terminated by the resurrection of Jesus. The stone used to prevent the lifeless of body of Christ from being stolen was miraculously rolled off by the power of God. Hallelujah! Three days later, the celebration of the “haters” of Christ was shortlived, the table turned because the Son of man conquered death in one piece. What a shame, their celebration was premature. They should have waited a little longer before starting the “party.” They miscalculated! They were wrong!

My friend, until Heaven makes its official pronouncement over your matter, every attempts by your detractors to celebrate your delay, failure, misfortune, sickness, and disappointment is premature. As soon as God speaks, the table will turn and they will be wrong!

Happy Easter 2022, dear reader! Jesus is alive!



  1. The resurrection of our Lord has given us victory and put an end to all the expectation of the enemies over our life. Jesus rose..Glory be to God.
    Thanks for this timely piece sir.
    More of God’s grace in Jesus name!


  2. Wow! God bless you, Sir.
    Lots of life lessons in this timely piece.
    This just reminded me about the story of a dying man, who told his son that he just have a right to pick one thing out of all his(father) properties and that he has willed others to his (father) slave.

    The slave started throwing party, the son went to his father’s friend for counsel, was rightly counselled to pick the slave .
    He came back and picked the slave.
    Who owns all those properties now? Your guess is as right as mine!


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