Often times, when we talk about growth what immediately comes to the minds of majority of people is development, numeric explosion, expansion, new ideas, and establishing new projects. I agree completely with all these notions about growth. But is that all we need to know about growth? Might there be other ways of looking at growth? I believe there is yet an additional perspective about growth that is often missing or overlooked in our definition of the word. Sustainability!

Not many people view sustainability as a form of growth. And I am of the opinion that the lack of its inclusion in our definition has dented our global understanding of the word. That is to say, the meaning of growth is incomplete without looking at it also from a sustenanbility viewpoint. My definition of sustainability in this context is, “maintenance”. This is completely different from the common meaning of the term in the political-economy world of sustenanble development.

Our view of growth in this piece is about the maintenance and sustenance of that which had already been established. This perspective is so unpopular in our leadership diets or upbringing today. For us, growth is only about new things. New ideas, new initiatives, new projects, new ministries, new buildings, new expansions and exponential developments.

Many of us so are obsessed with undertaking “new projects” within our institutions just so they are chronicled against our names, and at the expense of maintaining that which had already been founded before us. Which leader does not want his or her name written in the annals of history as the brain behind some new projects?  Establiments of new initiatives should be motivated by need and not by self-intest, competition, or cheap popularity. Sadly the former is not always the case in our society. Even the church is not exempted from this incomplete view of growth.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with pioneering new initiatives or projects. Even our God is the God of creativity and new things. But is He also the God of maintenance and sustainability. ‘It was He who created man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it’ (Genesis 2:15). What is the benefit of the creating “new things” without any hope of maintening and sustaining thesame in future?

All of us may NOT be able to champion or found new projects, ideas, initiatives and ministries at every stage of our leadership responsibilities; but we should strive to maintain and sustain the “good things” we found on ground. That alone is sustenanbility, and it is also a form of growth. What if instead of aiming purely for growth we looked for sustainability in our current leadership tasks?

To Be Continued!



  1. Expansion without sustainability in view is a waste of time and resources and an abuse of
    power and opportunity. Unfortunately, this is what we practice that makes us retarded and underdeveloped as a race (Africans).

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      1. Permit me to say, Sir, that I look forward to reading your articles, which are very well written and true.

        Just to render my little thoughts on the subject…

        Sustainability means consolidating. It is the bedrock and benchmark for future growths.

        In the accounting parlance, sustainability is synonymous with ‘Work-in-Progress’. In management science, it is refered to as, ‘Continous Improvements’. Hence, it is safe to say sustainability is ‘Continuing Growth’.

        Sustainability engenders stability and reinforces continuity and confidence in what was/is, from which people can draw strength and inspiration.

        One scripture readily comes to mind, Isaiah 37:31 ‘And the surviving remnant of the house of Judah shall again take roots downward and bear fruit upward’

        ‘Taking Roots Downward’, in this context, implies sustaining (consolidating on) existing foundations upon which the Christian faith & doctrines (or anything for that matter) stand.

        Sometime, progress or growth is not all about forward or upward movements. It is, indeed, wise to invest time and resources in the basics of the faith just so that we are not tossed by heresies, thereby standing firm come days of persecutions.

        Above all, building firmly on solid foundation set by martyrs and true generals of the Christian faith is the springboard for harvests (or growth), both corporate and personal.

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  2. I completely agree with the assertion on “Another Way to Look at Growth” being sustainability. This is one major missing piece today. I am looking forward to reading part 2.


  3. God bless you Daddy. I am blessed 🙏.
    More of God’s Grace in your life sir 🙏🙏.


  4. This is thought provoking. It is a blessings to me. We serve a creative God who maintain and sustain. Thanks for this sir!


  5. This really open my thinking of growth in life that if growth will stand they must be a maintenance.thank for this sir.


      1. I’m really blessed sir, so that’s why scripture says the end of a thing is better than the beginning. Growth (love, marriage, project etc) may start well but without maintenance and sustainability it may become static or collapse. Thank you so much sir.


  6. Well done Sir and thanks for your brilliant view on sustainability/ maintenance of things on ground as ‘growth’ This cuts across all spheres of life really. How l wish this is practised by each successor to avert wastage of resources.

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  7. Fine Piece Sir!
    As much as I think I understand what you are saying – How a growth Mindset usually overlook the importance of keeping what exists; How we may, in the quest for Innovation, neglect the important role of Management – I think Growth is one thing and Sustainability/Maintaining the achieved growth is another!
    My thought is the discussion is like building a 10-Storey building (being simplistic!). Growth may be adding a garden on the Penthouse or including a children playhouse in the plan…But this has nothing to do with keeping the building clean, and doing renovation ( or Maintenance). Those activities cannot be called Growth, they are just maintenance.
    Or what do you think, Sir?
    I look forward to the second part and the development of this potentially perspective alterer

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  8. Could it be that the understanding of growth is all about “new project, new innovation, new ministry” is what brings bout the prolification of Church denominations in our generation? I think if all of us have a wider understanding of the other dimensions of growth, we shall be contented with what Apostle Paul said in 1Corinthians 3:6 “I plantt the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.” Mine may be to plant yours may be to water. In other words, our ministry may be to start a work or to sustain what has been started. Which ever, all are the same in the sight of the Caller and all shall be rewarded accordingly. The one who makes it grow however is our Father – God.


  9. More grace to you daddy, this will serve as an encouragement to some who thought,they have done nothing and to help others to major on the major. I’m blessed sir


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