“Look to Abraham your father, And to Sarah who bore you; For I called him alone, And blessed him and increased him” (Isaiah 51:2).

There are blessings and there are blessings. There is a height of blessedness that is beyond the ones we usually invoke on our meals. It is a common practice that after a meal had been served, we “bless” it before eating. There is yet another common blessing used as prayers and greetings, ” Bless you!” This practice is more common among certain brands of Christians than the others. But there is blessing that is a matter of life and death. A greater blessing that should not be negotiated. A child of God must have this blessing or else, he or she would be considered accursed.

It’s a blessing that is more than just a name, more than the prayers we say on our meals; and more than the one we use for greetings. I call it: The Isaiah 51:2 Blessing! It’s a blessing that no man, no education, no status, no human networks or connections, and no government can give. The Isaiah 51:2 Blessing is of God, and can ONLY be dispensed by HIM. It is not just a blessing that no man can give, it is also a blessing that no man, no demon, and no spirit can curse. This blessing cares less about age, gender, race, language, skin colour, social status, health and financial conditions, or location. This blessing changes impossibilities to possibilities.

When this blessing came upon Abraham, it transformed him from being a single man to being the exalted father of the Jewish nation, and many other nations around the world. The Isaiah 51:2 Blessing is a call of God upon a man from nothing to something; from being ordinary to extraordinary; from deadness to life; from being a loss to being a profit; and from a being “Marah” unto being a “Naomi” – that is, a call from bitterness unto “pleasantness.” It is a call unto fruitfulness and multiplication. The Isaiah 51:2 Blessing is a special blessing that gives life to the dead and calls into being what does not yet exist.

Friend, my prayer for you, is that GOD in His graciousness, may beckon you and your household unto this kind of blessing today, in Jesus’ name!


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