“In the thirty-ninth year of his reign, Asa developed a serious foot disease. Yet even with the severity of his disease, he did not seek the LORD’s help but turned only to his physician” (2 Chronicles 16:12, NLT).

It is completely in order to discretely speak to man over our life issues, being an agency of God’s interventions on earth. But in doing so, priority must always be given to God over man. Making man, irrespective of his place in life, our first and only contact in times of need is nothing but a priority misplaced. This was King Asa’s error as recorded in the Scripture above. And that error has helped in deepening my layman’s understanding of the electrical jargon, “partial contact”! Folk, avoid this partial contact at all cost!

This is because man is limited but our God is infinite, all-knowing and all-powerful. Could it be that King Asa’s physician’s (medical) reports were not God’s? Remember that God’s ways are not our way neither are His thoughts our thought. His plan for us is for good! Of course, some health conditions are dreadful and have killed many. But whatever the case, it is always better to rely on God than man. God still unequivocally reigns supreme in the affairs of men. He is abundantly able to change any reports – medical or spiritual for good.

Beloved, I pray that your health travails shall transform to triumphs, today, in Jesus mighty name!


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