A life without hope is dead!
Hope is the very essence of life!
Where there is hope, there is life.
Hope and faith are Siamese twins, conjoined and inseparable!
Where there is hope there is faith, and
where there is faith there is hope.

Hopelessness is not new to humanity.
Disappointments and faithlessness beget hopelessness.
Disappointment and hopelessness are in great supply in our world.
They’re the most affordable commodities here, Father!
The people, government, leaders, systems and cultures and sometimes even Your church may disappoint…but You, Oh God, NEVER fail!

You never fail, Father!
For those who look unto You are radiant; and
their faces are never covered with shame.
Those who look unto You, Father, will live!
In the midst of these dark clouds of difficulties,
may You revive our hope in You and in You alone, Lord!
Revive the hope of the poor, the cheated, the sick, the barren and the downcast in our Land!

Revive our hope in You, Oh Lord!
Deliver us from hopelessness, discouragement, injustice, fatalism, anxiety and apathy!
Inject us with the faith and hope like those of our Fathers, Abraham and Ezekiel!
Like Ezekiel, may we look beyond the intimidating hopelessness in our valleys.
In our valley of dry bones!
Help, Father, that we know and accept that You are ever present even in the valleys of our lives!

Help me, Oh God, to look beyond myself and fellow humans!
Help me to look unto You; the One who speaks and flesh-less bones listen!
Help me to look unto You; the One who knows all things and can fix all things!
My soul, listen to your Maker:
Look to Abraham, your father, and
to Sarah, who gave birth to you.
“When I called him, he was only one man, and
I blessed him and made him a great nation!”

Revive thy hope in us, Father!

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