Our lands are parched, Father!africa-map

There’s large-scale religiosity going on.
Numerous religious centres but few Churches; numerous “pastors” but only a few can bring down your glory, lock and unlock the widows of Heaven like your servant, Elijah!

Many of us, your servants, are complacent and are too much at ease in Zion! Some are snoring at the laps of Delilah, while some have been shipwrecked by the sins of Balaam and Balak…peddling your gospel for earthly gains.

Your Ecclesia is in a state of emergency and many of your undershepherds are indifferent. Many have traded your pulpit and gifts for money, some have become “business” consultants in the name of doing your business!
…Devil’s contractors in your Vineyard! Some have even dared to equate themselves to you!

But, hallelujah and hallelujah!
There are still a few…
A few whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and whose mouths have not kissed him.
There are still a few who are zealous for you and for your name in our Land!
So, FATHER, for the sake of your glory and the remnants in Land; let there be WATER!

Let the refereshing Water of your revival come now, Lord!
Let the Water flow right from your Temple!
Let it be ankle deep.
Let it be knee deep.
Let it be waist deep.
Let it become a river deep and large enough for us to swim.

Let it become a Sea!
A Sea of life where whatever flows in it and into it shall live.
A Sea where fruit trees of all kinds will grow on its bank… Where their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruits fail. Where their fruits will serve for food and their leaves for healing.

So, therefore bother, burden and reorder our hearts, Lord!
Stir our hearts and move us to a collective action, Father!
Bind us, your church, together with your cord of love!
Through us, let there be restoration in this Land!

Split the hollow place that is in Lehi, Lord, and let there be Water!


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