Abba Father, will you allow your grace and investment over my life to go to waste!008.jpg
Will you allow politics, whether it be partisan, church or ministerial?
Will you allow spiritual attacks, man-made limitations and macddhinations to stop me from fulfilling the purpose for which you have sent me here!

I desire to do more for you, Oh Lord!
I desire to conquer more lands, nations, kingdoms, systems and cultures for you, my FATHER.
It is my utmost desire, to profit you more!
I desire to profit you more, dearest FATHER.
But like it was for your servant Paul,…there are many adversaries.

Will you not make me a greater agent of transformation, deliverance, succour and help to your people?
For my people, your people, are in need of your help desperately.
Your people are in bondage here, FATHER!
They have been poisoned by venomous religious leaders who are too common and plenty in our land.
The trees of love, evangelism, discipleship, godliness, and unity have been mutilated in your church;
While those of disunity, denominationalism, sectionalism, love of money and power are blossoming indeed.
Your people, whom you love so dearly;
The people for whom you sent your Son to die have been plundered by numerous satanic and heartless leaders.
Even as followers, we too have become indifferent, careless and reckless in doing evil.
A land once flowing milk and honey now flows with human blood and carcasses!

But I am not hopeless!
We, your people, are not hopeless!
For it’s you, our Father, who holds the key of David!
When you open no man can shut,
And when you shut no man can open!

Like in the days of Moses and Samson,
Let there be Water from the Rock!
God, split the hollow place that is in Lehi;
And let there be Water!
Break new grounds, for me, Oh Lord!
I mean new platforms, opportunities and frontiers…
Not limited by colour, gender, race nor age!

Father, split the hollow place and let there be Water!
Water of genuine WORD!
Water of holiness, love, hope, justice, accountability!
Water of revival – Christ-like Christianity and servant-leadership!
Cleanse and refresh us by your WORD, Lord!
For our souls are dross and our hearts are dry.
Let there be Water!
Your refreshing Water in my soul and on our Land, Oh God!


One thought on “LET THERE BE WATER!

  1. Great great message let there be water of true revival sudo revivals are confusing our contenet Africa may go come for Africa Dr. Moses God bless you


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