Christianity in Africa Blog: A Note of Appreciation and Performance in 2011

“Some of your most popular posts were written before 2011. Your writing has staying power! Consider writing about those topics again.”  – WordPress, January 1, 2011.

A Note of Appreciation and Performance in 2011

I wish to take this opportunity to welcome you into the year 2012 and also to thank you for finding time to visit this blog once or more in the course of 2011. Your visits and comments are truly appreciated and have added value to this blog. We look forward to more of your visits and comments in 2012.

According to the annual blog performance report given to me by WordPress today January 1, 2012, this blog in 2011 was visited by people from different countries representing six continents of the world with visitors from the North America and Africa leading. See the distribution below as ranked by WordPress:

North America                                                                      

  • The United States                             88.4%
  • Canada                                                  8.4%
  • Trinidad and Tobago                         1.1%
  • Jamaica                                                0.5%
  • The Bahamas                                      0.4%


  • Nigeria                                              40.4%
  • Kenya                                                31.3%
  • South Africa                                     13.5%
  • Zimbabwe                                         3.2%
  • Ghana                                                2.5%


  • The United Kingdom                         45.4%
  • Iceland                                               31.5%
  • Germany                                            3.6%
  • Poland                                                3.3%
  • Netherlands                                       2.3%


  • India                                                 43.6%
  • Singapore                                          9.6%
  • Philippines                                        7.8%
  • Malaysia                                            6.9%
  • United Arab Emirates                        6.4%


  • Australia                                          77.3%
  • New Zealand                                  22.7%

South America

  • Brazil                                              70.6%
  • Argentina                                      11.8%
  • Ecuador                                          5.9%
  • Suriname                                        5.9%


My Prayer for you in 2012 and Beyond

May the year 2012 be a year of unprecedented favor, breakthroughs, and grace for you. May the Lord cause his face to shine upon you. May the Lord grant you the will and grace to walk with (and work for) him in a higher dimension and in a deeper relationship. May your life be a true testimony of what it means to be a Christian anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. Remember, it is better to be small in Israel than to be great in Babylon! May the light of the Lord shine in your darkness! May the Lord grant you direction in your confusion and in (your) life. May the Lord grant you success in all your undertakings according to his will for you. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart according to his will for your life. May the devil and all his marshals fail in all their attempts against your life and family. May you continuously experience the presence of God and may it be well with you. Above all, may you lead a humble life; may you be coachable and obedient to the Master; and may your life bring glory to God in the year 2012 and beyond. I pray all these for you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.



2 thoughts on “Christianity in Africa Blog: A Note of Appreciation and Performance in 2011

  1. Hi Moses,
    I am a graduate of NEGST (2004-2006) originally from Sierra Leone. I have enjoyed reading your simple and careful exegesis of scripture articles. Your grasp of the issues in the African church is commendable. And may the Lord continue to sharpen your knowledge of him and make you a shining light for African Christianity in step with the dreams of our patriarchs – Byang Kato, Tukumbu Adeyemo, Kwame Bediako, Kalu, Titi Tienou and the host of them.

    God bless you my brother.

    1. Sir Edgar James Momoh,

      Your name sounds very, very familiar to me. I am not sure if I have ever met you but I must have interacted with something related to you somewhere, perhaps on the internet. I am so happy that you found time to go through this blog. It is my little way of bringing the gap between our academic (ivory tower) discussions in the classroom and the grassroots. I am happy that you finished from NEGST. Please pass my sincere regards to your family over there in the US. Thanks again sir.

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