Facebook: A New Love Showroom and Romance Centre

There is a new trend we are observing on Facebook lately especially from some of our Nigerian folks – I call it Facebook Romance. It is now a trend for young people to display there love through romance photographs to the whole world through Facebook. You will see guys seriously hugging and sometimes openly touching some ‘sacred’ parts of their partners’ bodies as though they have been legally married.  Arguably, and in most of the times, the idea behind these photographs is to show the world that they are engaged, and probably also to show-case the beauties of their partners.  It is no a more news that the world is changing,  but the rate at which it’s changes come in our time is quite alarming. There was an age that even when you have those kinds of photographs; you will keep it within the two of you or share at most people that very close to you. But those days are gone now! Facebook is now  a romance center and showroom for some young people now.  Some guys are probably comfortable with this habit because majority of our parents belong to the BBC (born before computers) generation and so, the fear is no more there.

Above all, what is most challenging to us is the fact that all the guys we have seen in this habit are professing Christians. While I personally have no problem with becoming accountable to the people by directly or indirectly bringing the public to the awareness our their relationships; I am of the opinion that using Facebook as a show-room in the way and manner with which some people do it today is outrageous. Why can’t guys just wait till they are legally married? Have guys ever pause to ask themselves the question: what if this relationship does not work? What does this trend say about our African culture, tradition and values? And above all, what does this habit has to say about the great Christian values and the impression that this could put on generations behind us. What is happening to our Christianity?

We are however aware that this is a very contentious issue, but your opinion on this subject will be highly appreciated. Thanks in anticipation of your responses.

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