“Pleading the Blood of Jesus”: A Common Error in Prayer – 1

“Then the passengers began to yell in prayer with the shout of ‘Blood of Jesus’ renting the air.  Almost everybody turned emergency prayer warriors, with a rush of Pentecostal supplication” (“….How I survived the Air Mishap” In http://www.thisdayonline.com/nview.php?id=171417, Published on April 20, 2010).


According to Thisday (Nigerian) Newspaper of today April 20, 2010, the above statement summarizes the experience of the passengers on board the flight (9J 995) of Dana Air service when faced face-to-face with death yesterday April 19, 2010, as a result of a “bird strike”. This according to the pilot means that “a bird had flown into the engine compartment, and damaged some parts of the aircraft” (Thisday Newspaper). The incident occurred at around 9 am (Nigerian time) while the plane was departing MM International Airport Lagos for NA International Airport Abuja. According to this source, the mishap happened shortly after the aircraft had taken off and there were 97 passengers and crew on board. But, it is now a moment of thanksgiving again for Nigerians that through the help of God Almighty and the braveness of the Pilot, no life was lost in the mishap. Following the recent plane crash in Russia involving the President of Poland and his wife as well as many top government functionaries of the country, and the latest Volcano experience in Iceland; the world could not afford to lose another 98 people again from Nigeria. While we mourn with the government and people of Poland and the world, for the unquantifiable loss that the Iceland Volcano has brought; we should on the one hand, thank God for saving the lives of these Nigerians.

However, there is a lesson to be drawn from this experience by all Christians. While we identify with the ugly condition which the Christians on board flight was faced with, being faced face to-face; is shouting the blood of Jesus the proper and shortest prayer in such a situation? Is there any where in the Bible where Christian are enjoyed to pray in and with the blood of Jesus? This has become a common error in our prayers today especially in our African Christianity. While I am not in the position to confirm if situation is the same on the entire continent of Africa; I had on several occasions personally witnessed this in Nigeria, where I having been working as a pastor in last couple years and in Nairobi, Kenya where I now live as a student. It is not uncommon nowadays to hear Christians say: I/we plead the blood of Jesus; I/we cover you, myself, my family, my house, my car, this place, or that place etc, etc with the blood of Jesus. Unfortunately most times, even church leaders are guilty of this modern-day heresy. I believe this issue is gradually manifesting itself in several ways in our worship today. This is commonly seen during prayer sessions where Christians gather to pray. Once, the prayer leader says, “I plead the blood of Jesus,” you will hear the congregation chorus loudly, repeatedly and with high emotions, “the bloooooooooooooood of Jesus!”

Personally, this issue and many alike are indication of how most Christians in Africa still suffer from biblical illiteracy. I wonder where people got this doctrine from! Sadly and gradually, Christians are now using the blood of Jesus to replace the name of Jesus even in prayers. Ignorantly, the church is passing this “doctrine” to the younger generation of Christians as well as misleading inexperienced and weak brethren. I believe the way Christians now use the blood of Jesus like talisman may not unconnected with what blood means to us as Africans. This experience is perhaps what we are importing into our worship of God today. This is not to say in any way that the African cultures, traditions and values are bad but that the African worldview in this instance should not be allowed to replace the biblical position on the matter.  In the next post we shall look at the relationship between the blood of Jesus and our African background. Subsequently, we shall take time to look at the meaning and the significance of the ‘blood of Jesus’ from biblical and theological perspectives. Finally, we shall look at the name of Jesus as the ONLY name with which Christians could reach God in prayer.

As usual, you are welcome to follow on in this journey and your comments, questions and critiques are most welcomed.



The photo inserted is culled from:http://airlinersgallery.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/air-france-a330-200-f-gzcp-75apr-dxb-pdnlr.jpg

Thisday (Nigerian) Newspaper (http://www.thisdayonline.com/nview.php?id=171417), Published on April 20, 2010.

Thisday (Nigerian) Newspaper (http://www.thisdayonline.com/nview.php?id=171419) Published on April 20, 2010.

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      1. Thanks for your kind words sir. It is indeed very encouraging to know that you still
        find time to interact with my blog in spite of your busy schedules. Thanks and may
        the Lord bless you.

    1. Thanks for finding time to interact with the post sir. I shall visit your blog and give my comments later. Thanks again!

    2. Thanks again sir. I had just read through your post and I find it very fascinating. I however still have a problem with some issues there. For instance, those who support the use of the blood of Jesus in prayers or for protection usually use Revelation 12: 11 and Exodus 12:21-23 as there evidences. The account of Revelation speaks of the sacrificial work of Christ on the Cross of Calvary as the means of victory over the dragon for every believer. On the other hand, the Exodus account speaks as analogy of the work which Christ shall come to do later. That tells the relationship between the Old and New Covenants. The New is a continuation of the Old. Again, God himself told the descendants of Jacob to apply the blood on their door posts. If God wanted that to continue, he would have told us specifically. So, where exactly has God told us to plead the blood of Jesus for our protection? The name of JESUS is enough! For the holy communion, Jesus said “do this in remembrance of me”, why not the same thing for his blood in prayer?

  1. Hi Moses,

    Thank you for this article, I agree call upon His name -Jesus! I read another article about this same subject, which gave many scriptures to support the truth and by reading them for myself I have found that the erroneous use of Jesus’ blood as a “talisman” for protection from danger to be just that- a grievious error. And to my shame I have been so guilty of using it and have since asked God for forgiveness in applying this error to my life- Thanks be to God He is faithful and just to forgive us from all unrighteousness and for Jesus who ever makes intersession for us. By “pleading” the blood of Jesus for protection we are profaning it by making it not only common but using it for the wrong purpose for which it was intended – not a small thing to God – just ask the guy who “saw the writing on the wall”. (read the account of which I refer to in Dan. 5)Satan wants to profane Jesus’ blood which was shed for the remission of our sins not our protection, the name of the Lord is called upon for protection – look it up, do a word study and you will find that even then protection is iffy. For example, if the blood was truly meant for our protection then why did all the apostles suffer great bodily harm and die martyr’s deaths? Paul lists the many things he suffered for Jesus in bringing the gospel to the Gentiles – did Paul or the rest of the apostles not know about the “power” of pleading the blood of Jesus’ to save them from these calamities and certain death? The only apostle that escaped martyrdom was John, yet he suffered for the gospel as well, he never mentions pleading the blood for protection, why did these men of God suffer so much for the gospel of Jesus? Jesus said we would suffer these things becasue the world hated Him and it will hate us … any good soldier will tell you that war is hell and to get stronger you will have to go through some “stuff”. Back to John, he was the apostle of love… does that mean the other apostles did not walk in love ?- no. I just believe that John had the greatest revelation of love – get it – “revelation”! Whenever the Bible, New or Old Testament, speaks of blood it is in relation to sin and cleansing – it is used for atonement- look it up, do a word study on “blood” – it is easy. Why isn’t that good enough for some people? It is good enough for God. As for the account in Exodus – the blood on the door posts was contingent upon their obedience, if they were to disobey His command, they were dead meat – thankfully all of Israel obeied. This account – the passover, is a symbol and forshadowing of salvation, not protection. I urge all who call themselves Christians to wake up and read the Bible for themselves and not just read, but dig, and study, question, seek and you will find- do not just take what is spoon fed to you – be a Berean! Paul commended them for searching the scriptures, which was to them the Old Test. If you are not reading and studying the Old Test there by laying a firm foundation for the New Test, you will be easily dooped- Paul did not condemn the Bereans for searching scripture to see if his teachings were Biblical and then scream – “Thou shall not touch God’s anointed!” as some wolves do when their doctrines are second guessed these days. And when we do read the Bible we need to take it in context, do not chop it up, but read the whole chapter go get the full meaning and study it – thanks to the dumbing down in America and elsewhere the art of reasoning and logic are fast disappearing. My friends – God is not some “cosmic genie” that harkens to His word, spoken out of our mouths to get him to bend to our will, if we do this we are guilty of witchcraft, and do not think we can command God to do our bidding in His sons name either – Jesus shed His blood once for the forgiveness of our sins, to be reconciled to Him, we can take it or leave it. He is the Almight God, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient – big words, please look them up. We are at His mercy, He is the KIng of His universe, in case we have forgotten this God provided for us Job 38 – 41. Then, if we still feel like pleading the blood and walking around acting like a “little god” after HIs dissertation in these chapters – Lord help us all, but thankfully Job got the message, let us be like him – repentant (Job 42). And when you study and show yourself approved, be ready to slaughter some sacred cows- be ready to accept His Truth. Jesus warned us over and over of some things – His sheep hear His voice, men lie, there would be false messiahs or “anointings”, false teachers in the last days, and things will get worse and worse – not better, so sheep beware – ravenous wolves are amoungst the flock and they are dressed up like sheep!

    Thank you again Moses

    1. This is superb Berean!Thanks so very much for this piece. It has lend me a great hand of
      support. With your permission, I may need to make use of this piece in my future
      work on this topic. Thanks again and may the Lord bless you.

      1. HI Moses,

        Sure you can use anything in my “rant” : ) I was thinking about protection in the Bible, it is known by many other words such as; “defend”, “sheild”, “cover”, “refuge” etc. The actual word “protection” is in the Bible but not as often as you would think.
        And it does seem conditional upon our obedience, like most promises given to us.

        Keep the Faith, God Bless you as well.


      2. Thanks so very much for your permission Berean Girl. Yes! read through your comments the very day you commented on Bill Doston’s Post.
        I found it very informative and bold. Bravo!

  2. Hi Moses,
    I also left a “rant” on Bill Dotson’s – road revelations.org, under the pen name Berean Girl if you care to read that as well.
    God Bless.

  3. the bible has given us many weapons to use ,and just because you do not agree with the scriptures that people use as their foundation for pleading the blood.if you have not tried it don’t knock it the pleading of the blood, has beenhelpful for me once when I had lost controll of my car on a icy roaed and just before the 18 wheeler hit us broadside, all I said was the blood of Jesus, our car was totaled but my husband and I walked away, with not one scratch,not one broken bone, you can call it a error if you want to ,but it works for me and many others I know. GOD BLESS U. aliceh

    1. Weapon? There is no single place in the Bible that tells that the blood of Jesus is a weapon. It is not even in Ephesians 6: 10 ff where the word ‘weapon’ is clearly mentioned. Could you compare that with Philippians 2: 5ff. I guess the challenge is our experience. The challenge with experience is that it is not universal. Experience is usually relative. The fact that something is working does not make it right. I am not very sure I have spoken authoritatively; but even if I have done that it because I have evidences from the Bible to support my position. Can any one show me a single Scripture of the Bible that commands us to plead the blood of Jesus? We have always been commanded to use the name of Jesus. Why the blood? So, on what should we base on belief; on experiences or on the WORD of GOD? Why experience is not bad in itself because sometime confirms what we believe; yet it must be tested by the Word of God. Thanks for your love and comment.

    2. Alice Hicks, I “pled the blood” over my second unborn child when I began experiencing menstral like cramps, and over my precious mother who suffered brutally with breast cancer. Do you know what happened? I lost my baby at ten weeks and my mother died a slow and painful death. And please do not try and tell me I did not have any faith, because I totally believed in pleading the blood. Eventually I got pregnant again, with my third child ( I have an older boy and had no problems with that pregnancy)- again I “pled the blood” of Jesus, but I needed to take progesterone to keep this pregnancy until the placenta kicked in the needed progesterone since my body did not make enough initially, that is why I lost the child before, and I started to feel cramps again. I did keep this pregnancy but my child was born with a severe birth defect that affected his brain. Oh I know, I did not have enough “faith” so I took the medicine which I found out later contributed to my son’s defect, so I deserved it right? Well let me say that faith works by love and love gives the medicine while you wait for the miracle. Even though my son is not “normal” I am so grateful to God for him. He has taught me patience, unconditional love, and compassion for other parents with special needs children. And I am also grateful that my son can walk, talk, feed himself, dress himself and say, “I love you mommy”, when other parents are not so fortunate and I feel their pain and it brings tears to my eyes even now, because I know their deep longing and desire, they would give anything to just hear those precious little words. So what should I tell them, “You should have pled the blood, see what happens when you don’t plead the blood of Jesus?” – ridiculous! My mother suffered for 2 years in agony, not going to the Dr. and refusing any medication or treatment, totally relying on her faith and pleading the blood, and died in my home. I got the privelage to care for her in her final days, and I say that because it is true, she took care of me when I was sick so many times, and now I got the chance to pay in kind. So please, tell me if you can how pleading the blood did not work for me when I belived in it and my mother believed in it. But do not insult me with the use of your opinion, use the Bible to teach me my error. I have tried it (pleading the blood) and now I think I have earned the right to knock it. I am so very glad that you and your husband walked away unharmed, I really am, but I assure you it was not pleading the blood, it was the name of Jesus and his great mercy that saved you! Jesus did not guarentee us a carefree life without calamity on this planet but He did assure us that He would never leave or forsake us, and that His grace (the empowerment to do what the truth demands of us) is sufficient and through our weakness it is His strength that is made perfect. Hallelujah!

      1. Thanks so very much Bereangirl for your elaborate comments. Also, I am sincerely sorry for the experiences you when through. But the issue is, why the blood and not the name of Jesus? Why are we establishing a biblical doctrine on our experiences? Give me a specific scripture from the Word God where we are told as Christians to plead the blood of Jesus. Just one!

  4. My brother I feel you need to study the word of God as the christians in Berea and have understanding. Firstly Look up the definition of the word plead ( comes from plea) which may mean to offer facts for a defence against accusations or allegations. In Exodus and in Leviticus the bible talks about the protection of the Hebrew children through the sprinkling of the blood. The point here is that when the angel of death came he had the power to cause death in every house hold that had the blood sprinkled on the door post the blood offered a counter power to protect that household in other words the blood made a plea, a covering a wall of protection that countered death. The other error in your article is to do with you repetitive association of this error to Africans and the African continent, I haven’t travelled the world over but have been privileged to be in foreign countries in the west and you hear people pleading the blood of Jesus. I think your reference to the word plead as in begging is where the error is, try looking at that word as it is used in the court of law it will give brand new meaning.

    1. Thanks so very much pastor K for your brilliant comments and observations. First, let me remind you that this is blogging; it is place to share opinions and widen our horizons. It is certainly NOT a place pick quarrels. The opening comment in your mail is an indication of that. You don’t correct people (especially in academics) by quarreling with them. How do you know I haven’t “study the Word of God”? So, the opinion you have suggested is now a sign that you’ve studies the Word of God? Well that is okay. The Hebrew vocabulary used in Exodus and Leviticus mean to ‘apply’ or to seek for ‘deliverance’. Which is slightly different from the Law Court illustration you are alluding to. May I also add that in Judaism, salvation is ‘communal’ and not ‘personal’ as we now have it in Christianity (which for me is excellent). You will recall that the main purpose of God for leading the Israelites out of Egypt was that “they may worship Him.” So, the sprinkling of the Blood in Exodus 12 (References Exodus 24:8; 27:1-3) is NOT primarily about ‘protection’, in stead, it is about ‘salvation’ or ‘deliverance’… so they may worship Him. Well, you have to be alive to able to worship but the truth is the Bible even in that instance is not speaking about protection (the secondary purpose) in the real sense of it; the Bible is speaking about the salvation of the Jews. And this is a typology of the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. I maintain my argument that the name of Jesus is the KEY and not the blood of Jesus. Thanks again for your comments sir. This link may throw more light.

  5. The phrase ‘pleading the blood’ is often used by Christians.

    What does it mean to plead the blood of Jesus?

    Pleading the blood simply means applying the blood to our life and circumstances just like the Israelites applied it to their door posts and were protected from the destroyer (Exodus 12).

    Pleading the blood is simply the taking hold of the authority and power available to us by the death and resurrection of Jesus.

    How do we plead the blood of Jesus?

    Revelation 12:11 They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. (NIV)

    Jesus has shed His blood and made it available for every believer to use. Our mouths play the same role as the bunch of hyssop the Israelites used. We are to use our mouths to apply the blood. Knowing about the blood is not sufficient, speaking about the power of the blood is also necessary.

    Speaking with our mouths is important in enforcing our victory (Romans 10:10).

    We plead the blood by confessing the salvation and deliverance the blood has brought us.

    Let’s use a simple illustration to drive home this point.

    Imagine the world as a big courtroom.

    God is the Judge sitting on the throne (Hebrews 12:23)

    Jesus is your advocate, standing beside you to argue your case (1John 2:1) He reminds the Judge that He died and shed His blood for you.

    The devil, satan, is your accuser bringing charges and even attacks against you (Revelation 12:10, Zechariah 3:1)

    When an accusation is brought against a person in a law court the defendant, if innocent, can greatly increase His or her chances of being acquitted by producing a reliable witness.

    Here lies the power of pleading the blood.

    Although we were not physically there when Jesus died, His shed blood bears witness to the fact that He died, rose again and defeated the powers of darkness (Colossians 2: 15). All witnesses need to speak. Remember the blood is living and speaks (Hebrews 12: 24). When we actively plead (speak out) the blood into the negative circumstances and attacks satan brings against us, we are bringing a powerful witness to speak on our behalf (1 John 5:8).

    Pleading or speaking the blood causes the blood of Jesus to speak out on our behalf and stops the attacks of satan. Any time you sense the hosts of darkness coming against you plead the blood of Jesus against.

    You can use whatever words the Holy Spirit lays on your heart to do this. A good example is below.

    “Your forces of darkness attacking my home and life, I command you to stop in Jesus name. I hold the blood of Jesus against you. The blood of Jesus has defeated you. The blood of Jesus has set me free. The blood of Jesus avails for me. I plead the blood of Jesus over my home, my life and my family. I protect them from your attacks. I walk in the freedom Jesus’ death has brought me. Amen”

    1. Brother Stephen,
      Thanks so very much for your thoughtful response and kind observations. Your comments to my mind, is the most interesting of all I have gotten so far on this topic. Blogging is not a one man show. We are suppose to learn from one another and that why it is interactive in nature. You have brilliantly argued your case with evidences from the Bible. Your court of law and advocate-complainant illustration is particularly very fascinating to me. My concern however is whether you have interpreted those scriptures correctly and/or in the right context. This is a doctrinal issue and that is my concern. Off- course, there are many things we do in the Church today that are not based on the bible; but I am not so much bothered with all those provided they have nothing to do with our faith and beliefs-doctrine. None of the scriptures you have alluded teaches us to plead the blood of Jesus. You can read those scriptures again, this time with an objective mind and probably with commentaries; and you will see what I am saying. I am an evangelical Christian with high value for the word of God. I also believe that we need experiences to confirm the reality of the Word of God; but experiences should be our testimonies and no doctrine should be built on that especially when those doctrines are not supported by the Word of God. On the particular issue, there is no particular place where the Word of God says we should plead the blood of Jesus instead we are told to pray to God for anything in the name of Jesus (Philippians 2: 5-10).

      Thanks again for your brilliant contribution!


      1. Hi I’m Sis Richard and wanted to add a comment to this response. You said that as an Evangeletical Christian we should have experiences to confirm the word of God. How do you know that those who believe in the power of the blood of Jesus have not had an experience that confirmed Gods word to them? I firmly believe that there is no other name above the name of Jesus and there is power in His name alone but that does not negate the power of the blood either. If there was no power in His blood then we wouldn’t put as much significance in the shedding of His blood since that along with His death was the sacrifice made for all man to be reconciled to the Father.

        Pleading the blood of Jesus as an intercessor, I’m covering that in which is being prayed for with the ultimate power that the blood of Jesus contains. Just as one could ask for scripture directing believers to the reference of pleading the blood, I could ask for scripture that discredits the power of the blood of Jesus.

        I personally have not heard any congregations chant about the blood nor do we as a body but we do and will continue to reference the pleading/covering with the blood of Jesus as well as using His name as there is power in both.

      2. Thanks sister Richard for hearing your sentiments! The aim of this blog is to deliver God children from the biblical illiteracy and all the dangers that could come from it. Why can’t move backwards a little away from our position in humility and then, search the scripture again for a better and clearer understanding?

    2. bro.stephan says “when we actively speak the blood of Jesus into the negative circumstances, and attacks satan brings against us…” it makes me question what some people think are negative circumstances. Especially in light of the fact that the Hebrew nation is used as an example of this teaching. The calamity that came upon Egypt not negative from God’s perspective at all. And we are asked to look at things the way God does. That was not a negative attack of Satan. We must remember that the judgment was upon Pharaoh and his nation, and that this judgment came from God. The blood was not applied to the doorpost to avoid disaster from Satan. It was to avoid disaster from God. When we get to the last day, and stand before our righteous God, anyone who lacks the covering of the work of Jesus, his shed blood for their sin, will face disaster from God. The Old Testament also pictures this redemption by the blood in the sacrificial system, as they find atonement for sin and reconciliation to God through the sacrifice and shed blood. The bible tells us “without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin”. The shedding of blood was specifically to redeem us back to God. Satan knows that, but if he can get us to believe it is for some other purpose, or use the blood as a form of bondage to us, then he is successful in keeping us from God. The devil’s main objective is to twist the word of God. This is what he did in the very beginning with Adam and Eve. And so, even today, he is twisting the word of God to make God’s salvation incomplete and to make himself seem in our eyes as the more powerful one.
      I was raised in a very legalistic church that used the blood of Jesus as a sort of prop for enslaving us. We had to become pleaders and beggars to get hold of it. And for some, the more they begged for it, the shorter time period they had of experiening the benefits of the precious blood that was shed to free us from sin. This kept them dependent not on the blood, but on their cries of pleading. Soon, it was time to plead and beg again.
      Satan, in the form of religious doctrine, disguised as an angel of light, took that precious blood and made it hard to get. Then he made it so the people only felt relief by that blood for one day, or even mere hours. He had everyone focusing more on the pleading and begging. And we were told how good it is to be beggars of God’s grace!

      It was Satan’s brilliant distraction. He isnt at all intimidated by the blood of Jesus if he can convince us we have to keep throwing it around to get protection. He’ll just make our arms sore. He’d have us so busy saving ourselves we’d never truly walk in freedom. We need to realize that Satan is very religious.
      But if you put the blood of Jesus back in perspective, and take the whole package deal, the life of Christ, the cross, the blood he shed and the resurrection, and just walk in that person of Christ, then there is no place for the enemy. He gives up and walks away. Because he has no power over God or His son. Jesus has already won and finished this battle.
      We need to rest in the FINISHED work of God.

      I dont understand this concept of pleading for blood. Seems like God would say you have the blood already with you. It is always before God, covering our sins. Why would we plead for something we already have?
      As far as prayer, if this were so important to add to our prayer, it would seem it would be in Jesus model prayer when he taught us to pray Our father who art in heaven…

      Get me to thinking what other circumstances may NOT necessarily be negative in God’s eyes? For instance, he may have ordained that Joni Erickson Tada, or my nephew, should be in a wheel chair for the power of their testimony. Or, he may have ordained that certain people are disabled, crippled, ill, or even what we might see as premature death. God’s ways are higher than our ways. He says in his word “precious to the Lord is the death of his saints”… one by one he is winning us back to himself through whatever means he sees fit to reach us.
      Satan’s biggest attack is to get us to be righteous outside of Christ.
      But I notice that many people teach that he is the one creating all what WE see as negative, and they forget he is trying to get them to be religious, and that he has them doing all sorts of hard work trying to be saved, and trying to stay in protection. It is satan who would like us to believe that God meant for us to be blissfully blessed with his favor of health and wealth. This leads us to look at each others experiences for proof of faith, depending on your circumstances. If you are not out of your old trapped job, or your disease, then you have not yet found your destiny in God. What garbage! How can we claim to know that a disease is not the very thing God is using to bring glory to his name by showing how his strength is made perfect in weakness?
      My mother was a very good example of this. Tho her body deteriated from her cancer, she was innocent in spirit, having faith like an angel, and she never was cast down in spirit, but singing and giving glory to God, always thankful for the goodness of God. How awful if someone were to tell her God never meant for her to be sick. She would have had to spend the last two years of her life feeling as though she were outside of his will for her life.
      I see the need to be very careful in interpreting the scriptures in such a way, that in the end, God becomes a liar and his promises are not true. This is where I personally see deficiency in the word/faith teachings. Because many people subscribe to the teachings but do not experience what they are told will happen to them in their spiritual journey. They get sick, they get problems with their families, they have trouble financially. Now they have no choice but to look at God as a liar, or themselves as inferior to others because they were told God would save them from this stuff. It leads to disaster in their emotions and they feel deserted by God.

      When Jesus said “come unto me all who labor and are heavy laden” he was speaking to the church. Because there are so many of us bound up under the burden of satan’s twisted teachings, disguised as good doctrine. Even in Jesus day, his most powerful rebukes were not against people who had illness or couldnt walk. He was not concerned with what we think is negative in our human minds. His rebuke was against the church leaders for twisting the Old Testament Law beyond recognition so that they no longer needed a savior. They had so many means by which to be saved, when their savior came they had no need of him. They were righteous in their own eyes, thinking they deserve the wealth of the day while the poor around them went without. They exploited the poor, they used the holy place for fattening their wallets. This is what I see in Benny Hinn and in too many others like him. I’m sorry to use names, but he has been a big leader of placing burdens to heavy to bear on christians while he flies around in private jets and wears fancy clothes. It is a farce. He exploits the poor by charging for his ministry and then travels expensively. It should not take long for us to read scripture, and see how Paul and the disciples traveleled, how Jesus traveleled, and notice the sharp contrast in some of today’s modern super hero christians.

      I agree there is power in the blood, wonder working power and it frees us from sin… Jesus blood was all over Stephan as he was being stoned to death by his enemies. That is the blood at work. The last words were the same as when Jesus shed his blood “forgive them, they know not what they do”… wow… what grace is in that blood.

      1. Thanks so very much for the comprehensive contribution. You are really appreciated.

  6. Dear Brethren,

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  7. I am grateful to come across this write up, it is my prayer that the love of God will set believer free from this bad teaching. May God give you more grace to write on this truth.

  8. Brother,

    Thank God for your post. There isn’t any place where I have seen Jesus, or his followers in the Word, plead his blood. Levitical priest, under the law, pleaded the blood. However, Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice. When his blood was shed, that was enough. The blood justifies us. We need to use the name of Jesus. In America, people do not study either. Many are lazy and look for others to teach them. It is an uphill battle to bring truth to people who believe oral traditions of men over the correct context of the Word of God.

    1. Thanks so very much Dr. Wilcox for your candid comments and words of encouragement. I am amazed at how many Christians are suffering from biblical illiteracy. Some have even rebuked me and called all sought of names because of this post. I am not bothered at all because I know I am on the right path. It only goes to say how far the Devil has corrupted the Church with wrong doctrines. Thanks again and may the Lord bless you. I guess the struggle to content with our faith continues.

  9. Lets look at Hebrews 9 v 11-14
    11. But Christ came as High Priest of the good things to come, with the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands, that is, not of this creation.
    12. Not with the blood of goats and calves, but with His own blood He entered the Most Holy Place once for all, having obtained eternal redemption.
    13. For if the blood of bulls and goats and the ashes of a heifer, sprinkling the unclean, sanctifies for the purifying of the flesh,
    14. how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?

    From the understanding of the above verses, if the blood of a lamb applied to the door posts in Exodus 12 made a cover for the occupants of the house and delivered them from the attack of death then the blood of THE LAMB OF GOD (JESUS) can do better when applied (PLEADED BY MOUTH – by inference) as informed in Revelation 12 v 11 – ‘both in chapter 12’ – you can’t beat the Bible!!!!

    Rev Dr Jide Layiwola (UK)

    1. Thanks so very much Dr. Layiwola for your comments. I truly appreciate your position and sentiment.
      I am however afraid that I still do not agree with your position. I think your position is more on inferences.
      None of the scriptures you quoted points to the fact that we should plead the blood of Jesus for protection as it popularly used.
      The question is, was the blood of Jesus shed primarily for our protection or for our salvation? Why the emphasis on
      the blood instead of the One who shed it? Why not pray in the name of Jesus instead of His blood? Does that means
      the name of Jesus is less powerful? Did any of the Apostles of Christ prayed in with blood of Jesus?

  10. Pastor Moses, I love this blog you created and your wonderful insight and understanding of the scriptures. I am currently doing a study on the Blood of Jesus to try and find the meaning of “pleading the blood or covering this or that with the blood” and I fully agree with you that there is no scriptural reference to that. My understanding is, please correct me if I am wrong, in the New Testament generally the blood refers to the death of Christ on the cross and in the Old Testament it is generally about salvation and deliverance as you have stated.

    Matt 26:28 For this is My Blood of the new covenantt, which is shed for many for the REMISSION OF SIN.

    Romans 23:24,25 Being justified freely by His grace through the REDEMPTION THAT IS IN CHRIST JESUS, whom God set forth AS A PROPITIAION BY HIS BLOOD , THROUGH FAITH, to demonstrate His righteiousness, because in His forbearance God had passed over the sins that were previously committed…

    Romans 9:5 Much more then, having now been JUSTIFIED BY HIS BLOOD , WE SHALL BE SAVED from the wrath through Him.

    Eph 1:7 In Him we have REDEMPTION THROUGH HIS BLOOD the FORGIVENESS OF SINS, according to the riches of His grace.

    1 John 1:7 But if we walk in the light as as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST HIS SON CLEANSES US FROM ALL SIN.

    These scriptures tell us the reason for the shedding of the blood: redemption ; justification and forgiveness of ALL OUR SINS. Christ gave HIs all for us when He shed His blood – that is why it is so important to take communion in reverence and thankfullness. Not many churches today practice reverence and thankfullness when taking communion! There is more emphasis on the POWER OF THE BLOOD than the sacrifice that was made for us. Most messages you hear in Africa and a lot in America are all about improving and empowering oneself.

    I believe we also have to understand that Christ defeated the enemy once and for all on the cross by the shedding of His blood. Hebrews 2:14,15 Inasmuch then as the childred have partaken of flesh and blood. HE HIMSELF LIKEWISE SHARED IN THE SAME, that trough death HE MIGHT DESTROY HIM , who had the power of death, THAT IS THE DEVIL, AND RELEASE THOSE who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage. I also believe people use Hebrews 9 to justify “pleading the blood” under the new Covenant. They miss the point of Hebrews 9 which is all about the greatness of Christ’s scacrifice for us, nowhere in that chapter is their any information or instruction about pleading.

    I used to plead the blood, and the power of the blood and rant and rave when praying and intereceeding but soon came to realise it accomplished very little other than a sore throat and it made me “feel spiritual”. Soon i became arrogant with this practice and then i went to bible school and started to do Inductive Studying of the word and The LOrd showed me many areas of my walk that were not in line with proper doctrine. Unfortunately today many preachers and teachers are as you say biblically illerate and actualy just say things they themselves have heard. They are Christian “Cliches”. Most people who pray “the blood of Jesus thing” have no understanding of Rev 12:11 (or the book of Revelation) and they miss quote Lev 17:11. . Your explanation of the sprinkling of the blood has really helped me, as I was not sure what this really meant due to the teaching at the current church i go to where they say that the sprinkling of the blood is for us to use our mouths the “sprinkle the blood” through the word. Once again i believe this is wrong doctrine.

    Would love your insight on this.

    1. Thank indeed God’s servant Annette! I truly appreciate your kind comments on this blog and the posts you have interacted with especially that of the “blood of Jesus”. I have carefully gone through your writing and I am of the strong opinion that your sentiments are biblical sound and theologically correct. I have nothing more to add than to say well done! I appreciate your courage to go through the Bible to confirm for yourself whether what your pastors or christian denomination say about it is correct. I believe it is now more than ever that certain man-made doctrines that are based on falsehood and misrepresents our God should be challenge. This is our collective responsibility as God’s children. It does not matter where the doctrine is coming from – we must always verify from the Bible. All the best and I pray for divine illumination for you as you study His word.

  11. Jesus is our Saviour. His blood is “proof” (I use the word carefully) that He in fact paid the price by dying on the cursed tree. This blood was shed once and for all (Heb 10:10) “[H]e set aside the first in order to enact the new plan—God’s way—by which we are made fit for God by the once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus.” (The Message)

    Peter wrote “8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 9 Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world.” (1 Peter 5:8-9 NKJV)

    Surely he is a man of experience. Quite possibly his experience and intimate knowledge of Christ supersedes even our combined knowledge and experience. Yet he does not refer to the blood of Christ at all in the face of resisting the roaring lion?

    Peter calls to be steadfast in the faith [in Jesus Christ]. Faith only has always been a stumbling stone because it is so “easy and cheap” but adding something, some-kind of work or talisman to faith then it becomes “valuable and powerful.”

    Jesus is enough.

    (Just a thought that popped into my mind: My wife once said: It is silly/stupid/arrogant of us to say that we love God, just look at our lives. IT is better to say He loves us.)

    PS I am preparing a sermon on this subject for Sunday and this is a very useful post! God bless you Brother!

    1. Blue Zebu, excellent point to brought out about the blood. I never saw it in this way until reading your response to this very interesting blog.


  12. Hi Moses, I came upon your blog as a result of searching for information on the teaching of “pleading the blood of Jesus”. I came across this teaching when I first became a believer while visiting our local Christian bookshop. I asked the bookshop manager at the time what it was all about and he just told me to take no notice of it. I have done that for over twenty years now, but I recently heard it being propogated in our local fellowship. So I looked up the scriptures to see if there was anything to show if this teaching was biblically true. I have not found one incident either in the Old Testament or the New that agrees with it. I did however come across this beautiful and very encouraging prayer of the Lord Jesus below on behalf of all believers that sheds some light on the subject. As we can see, the Lord Jesus prays to God the Father for protection (I.e. to keep us) from the Evil One. Maybe this is an example that we should follow rather than pleading the blood of Jesus in times of need?
    Thanks for your very helpful blog Brother!
    God Bless for now,
    Regards Patrick


    1. Brother Patrick,
      Thanks indeed for your words of encouragement. I truly appreciate! May you be blessed of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  13. I have been pleading the blood of Jesus for many things too. But after the observations and corrections of Pastor Moses, I can see that it is not in the bible to plead the blood, rather to use the name that is above all names- Jesus christ. It is very difficult to change tradition. The catholics pray through the name of Mary. They justified it by saying that, you can go through someones mother, to get things. That is pure tradional and not bible based. With the book of revelation 12:11, we overcome the enemy with the blood and word of our testimony.It means the ” workings” of the blood- forgiveness, leading to repentance and salvation will overcome the enemy, not the pleading,because any body can use that phrase. What did the blood do for us? Who shed the Blood? Our testimony of salvation will overcome the enemy,Jeus I know,Paul I know, but who are you? If you plead the blood and not saved will not make you a christian.We do not need to engage in the ritual of pleading what has been pleaded for our redemption. In prayer, therefore, we thank God for the finished work of victory, proclaim our salvation, and these will remind the devil that you know your right and authority, and he will shamely walk away. Jesus does not need our help, by ritually pleading His blood. May the lord, continue to grant us wisdom to apply His word. There is always a next level in God, and this is my next level to explore and implement. Shalom.

  14. Came across this today and I can boldly say, I’m blessed. This indeed is one of the exceptionally deep topics in Christendom that calls for immediate and continuous(as it may require) biblical correction/understanding which of course would only be by insightful study and teaching as this. I do this too… sometimes, but I know better now not to at all. The name of Jesus is ever sufficient. Thanks Selah ,Anette, Mercy & many others for that exposition. Rev’d, you’re a blessing, Thank you!

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