Recommedations to Nigerian Christians on Prosperity Gospel-2

You are welcome again to this blog! Let me seize this opportunity to thank you for visiting this blog on regular basis. Although none of you left a comment on the last post, I am aware from the information given to me by WordPress that over seventy of you visited this blog last week alone. I want to encourage you to feel free to drop your comments or views on any of issues we have discussed on this blog so far. Here are the last sets of the recommendations:

Recommendation Continues

Recommendation 4: It is necessary to set up avenues for religious dialogue between scholars of conventional Christian theology and the teachers of prosperity gospel. Such dialogue will succeed only in an atmosphere of mutual respect, it is necessary for all participants in the dialogue to know that no one side has all the truth. Christian Association of Nigeria, Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria and other umbrella Christian bodies in Nigeria should see this as a clarion call.

Recommendation 5: Also, there is need for a re-formulation of prosperity gospel. In its present form, it is not only unrealistic but also misleading. The reform should start with the preachers themselves developing a more balanced approached to biblical interpretation. They need to go for better theological training from standard theological colleges, seminaries and universities where balanced biblical hermeneutics is highly valued. What many neo – Pentecostal churches are doing now is establishing their own theological colleges. While we would not discourage this development, it is important for them to make their programmes inclusive. They should study the academic programmes of standard seminaries and universities to be informed of well – researched, balanced values of doctrines, to which they can then add their own innovations. That should be the aim of contextualization and liberation theology.

Recommendation 6: Finally, Christians (especially clergymen and counselors from all churches) should to an extent, be ministers of prosperity. They should delicately balance their message of faith with words of hope and prayer for divine intervention in times of crisis. This must however be done from a proper understanding and interpretation of the word of God.


Thanks again for reading. I look forward to sharing another interesting topic with you in the next couple of day.


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