Recommedations to Nigerian Christians on Prosperity Gospel-1



Here are some practical recommendations to Christians in Nigeria and world over on what our attitude should be towards that ‘popular gospel’, the prosperity gospel. The recommendations are based on my personal findings from studying ‘the gospel’ in Nigeria  in the last couple of years. In the meantime, I shall only give three of these recommendations today and hope to give the rest in my next post.


Recommendation 1:  Believers in Jesus Christ should live according to the biblical standard. Believers’ lives are supposed to be exemplary and patterned according to the model of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We should bear in mind that the most important thing in life is not material acquisition, but a life  that brings glory to God. That is why Christ call us the “salt and (the) light” of the world, so, we must always shine in darkness and radiate joy and hope in the hopelessness of the world (mat. 5:13-16). Any other purpose for life other than this is definitely not God glorying. 

Recommendation 2: The virtue of contentment should always be preached and encourage by church leaders rather than making Christians see wealth acquisition as the most important thing in life – Leaders of the church should lead by example. Leaders are supposed to be pace – setters. That is, they lead while others follow their example. It is  disappointing that some the people called into spiritual leadership in Nigeria are not worthy of emulation by their followers.

Recommendation 3: The Prosperity Gospel Preachers need to be reminded of the biblical teachings on the reality of Christian suffering and that should also incorporated into there theology. They must also respect the sovereignty of God. While they should continue to encourage Christians to seek divine intervention to their problems, they should avoid manipulating them.


I shall be looking forward to having your comments on my posts on Health and Wealth Gospel in Nigeria so far. Your comments are very valuable to me and it is the only to know if you have been educated and blessed by the posts. In the meantime, I will want you to be on the look out for  the next and last set of recommendations.

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