Pentecostalism: A Phenomenon in Modern Christianity in Africa

Pentecostalism is the fastest growing stream of Christianity in the world today(Kwabena J. Asamaoh-Gyadu, in “Born of Water and Spirit”: Pentecostalism/Charismatic Christianity in Africa“). Its growth has been rather rapid and phenomenal. This is particularly so because of the massive impacts this brand of Christianity is having on our world today and in recent times. The number of “coverts” this movement has gained in recent times is an indication that it is a force to be recon with in the modern christian world.

Peterson Douglas, while citing the Latin America experience agrees with the aforementioned submission. According to Douglas,”in less than a century the pentecostal movement evolved from small rag-tag band of christian believers to a worldwide movement with an estimate of 500 million adherents”. He further observed that,”the growth has been even more rapid in a few places than Latin America”(Peterson Douglas, in “Latin America Pentecostalism: Social Capital, Networks, and Politics”) . It would not be an over statement to mention at this juncture that Africa is one of the places that Pentecostalism has grown massively within a relatively short period of time.

In this blog, I shall be examining from an African perspective why the above submission is so. We shall be looking at how pentecostal movement is not only concerned with the spiritual health of the people but also at how it is transforming to a social movement changing the lives of most Africans. This is what they call the whole Gospel. Finally, we shall also be looking at some of doctrinal issues in Pentecostalism. In other words, we shall be examining the good and the extremes of some of these doctrines in the light of the Word of God. It shall be a two-way traffic. What can the church in Africa and the world at large learn from Pentecostalism and what lessons can we pass on to pentecostal churches in Africa? The purpose is so that the Church in Africa might be in good health to the glory of God. I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

6 thoughts on “Pentecostalism: A Phenomenon in Modern Christianity in Africa

  1. Thank you for this well thought piece…may the Lord sustain the burden for true revival in your heart and in the hearts of all the readers of this work

    1. Thanks for your kind words my brother. May the Lord bless you and your family. baraka!

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